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Employment in NJ

Average NJ Salary

Educational Requirement

Education Level

Pharmacist Pharmacists distribute drugs as directed in prescriptions written by physicians and other qualified health care professionals. 1,740 $100,570 6 years of postsecondary education required; 2 years of college followed by a 4-year pharmacy program plus completion of a 1- to 2-year residency program/fellowship; must pass state licensing exam with the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy. Graduate and or Post Graduate
Pharmacy Aide Pharmacy Aides help pharmacists receive prescription requests, ensure proper packaging and distribution of the requested drugs, and manage supply inventory of drugs. 2,140 $26,690 High school/vocational-technical degree. High School / Vocational Technical School
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Technicians provide pharmacists with information on drugs and patients to ensure the safe and accurate distribution of prescribed medicine. 1,430 $32,480 High school diploma required, Associate's degree in Pre-Pharmacy preferred; certification from the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy required. Associate's